What Is The Best Measuring Cup?

Using A Measuring Cup

What is the best measuring cup to use when baking? While it’s easy to take measuring cups for granted, they are important.  Baking is a science and you need to be exact when it comes to measurement.  Being close doesn’t count, you have to be accurate.  One of the most overlooked but often used kitchen tools is the measuring cup.  It’s basic, it’s boring and you probably have a dozen in your kitchen.  Don’t be fooled by this simple kitchen tool, it can make a big difference in the success of your baking project.

Types Of Measuring Cups

Wet Measuring Cups Versus Dry Measuring Cups

When you are baking you are using two types of ingredients, wet and dry.  That means you need to have two different types of measuring cups to be able to properly measure both types of ingredients.  Yes, one cup of liquid ingredients has the same volume as one cup of dry ingredients, but you need to use different tools to properly measure them.

Wet measuring cups are designed to accurately measure the liquids that you are adding to your recipe.  The cup will be clear with measurement markings on the side, and there will be a spout for easy pouring.  You add the liquid to the cup until it reaches the line that represents the amount you need.  Easy and accurate.

Dry measuring cups are meant for dry ingredients like flour or sugar.  They will be a scoop with a handle and each cup represents a different measurement.  A one cup scoop is exactly one cup of dry measurement.  You don’t want to guess and try to fill a one cup measure half full to end up with a 1/2 cup amount.  You use the scoop that is meant for 1/2 cup.  Again, you need to be accurate or you may end up with some unexpected and unwanted results.

Measuring cups are generally not expensive and it is always convenient to have a few sets on hand.  Here are our favorite liquid measuring cups and dry measuring cups.

The Best Wet Measuring Cups

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups Set

Pyrex is one of the most well known and well respected names in kitchen tools.  Their products have been used in homes for over 100 years and this set of liquid measuring cups is the best that be found.  There are three separate measuring cups in this set, each meant for different amounts.

The cups are made from heavy glass and are very well constructed.  Each cup has clear markings on the outside for easy filling, a sturdy handle and a drip proof spout for pouring.  Best of all, you can safely toss them into the dishwasher for simple clean up.  You can’t go wrong with these great liquid measuring cups.

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The Best Dry Measuring Cup

Dry Measuring Cups Set

Mrs. Anderson’s Dry Measure Baking Set

A good set of measuring cups for dry ingredients doesn’t need to be fancy, just practical.  You should have a set of 4 separate cups; one cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup.  I really like this set from Mrs. Anderson for a few reasons.

First, it’s inexpensive.  You won’t be using these cups for serving or decoration, so you don’t need to spend money on design or color.  Second, they are lightweight with a sturdy handle.  One cup of flour isn’t terribly heavy but it can be awkward.  These cups are well designed and easy to use.  Third, you can toss them into the dishwasher when done.  No one wants to have to wand was a measuring cup.  This is an excellent set of dry measuring cups.

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