KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

kitchenaid artisan mixer

Now that you are ready to begin baking, you will need to take a look at your kitchen and its appliances and tools.  Let’s start with a basic piece of equipment, a stand mixer.  Some bakers use only a hand mixer but I have found that to really mix batters, bread dough, and sauces well you need to use a good quality stand mixer.

A well made mixer will last for years and will become a key part of your baking regime.  Some mixers have tilt heads, some have power hubs, while others are smaller with fewer options.  What you end up using should be determined by what you plan on baking but I have found that the best mixer for the money is the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer.

KitchenAid has been making kitchen appliances and tools for years and this mixer is one of the top selling items.  It is durable, sturdy and very well made, you will be able to use this mixer for years.  The base and frame are made from die-cast metal, giving the unit a feeling of heft as well as keeping the mixer from moving on your countertop.

kitchenaid artisan mixer in the kitchen

The motor is strong, 325 watts, and has 10 mixing speeds, enough to handle any recipe that you may try.  The bowl is large, 5 quarts, and has a handy handle on one side that makes it easier to tip and pour.  The bowl also comes with a splash guard that can be used as a tube feeder as well.  I use my mixer when I make cookies, it does a great job of mixing all of the ingredients.

Extra Attachments

Other attachments that are included with this mixer are a whisk, a dough hook, and a flat beater paddle.  Not included are some attachments that you may want to look into.  I really like the grinder attachment and the pasta roller/cutter.  The grinder works well on fruit and veggies (think smoothies) as well as grinding meat (thing homemade sausage).  I have started making my own pasta and the roller attachment is perfect for this.

KitchenAid makes this mixer in 20 colors, meaning you will be able to match any color to your kitchen decor.  The optional attachments are readily available at Amazon.  This mixer is the #1 stand mixer at Amazon and has a great track record for reliability and durability.  It will be able to handle almost any recipe that you want to try.

When you are buying items for you kitchen you want to look for value, durability and practicality.  This mixer checks all three of those boxes and more.

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