Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic Stand Mixer

hamilton beach 6 speed classic stand mixer

One of the main stumbling blocks when you are looking to buy a new stand mixer is price.  Some of the top models have plenty of options, but they also have steep price points.  Sometimes spending in excess of $300 for a stand mixer that you might only use two or three times a year is just not practical.

For those situations I like to recommend the Hamilton Beach 6 speed classic mixer (model 64650).  It’s sturdy, compact and can handle most recipes that you want to try.  The motor head detaches, allowing you to use it as a hand mixer.  It won’t be a good choice for really stiff batters or for kneading bread dough but it will handle cookie recipes, cake mixes and frostings.

hamilton beach classic mixer

Let’s start with the motor head.  It’s a modest 290 watt unit with 6 speeds.  Most heavy duty mixers have motors that start with 325 watts of power but 290 watts will get most mixing jobs done.  One benefit of the smaller motor is reduced weight.  If you use this as a hand mixer it will be lighter and easier to handle.

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The bowl is a 4 quart stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe.  It’s not usually a good idea to toss stainless steel in the dishwasher but this bowl doesn’t seem to show any wear issues from harsh detergents.  4 quarts is smaller by about 20% than the capacity of most other mixers but you should be able to prepare most recipes in this bowl.

Construction of this unit is based on stainless steel and the stand is sturdy and solid.  It’s not as heavy as some stand mixers but the bowl is held securely and the unit doesn’t shake when mixing.  The 6 speeds included with the motor are enough options for most kitchens.  You also get a standard package of attachments: a beater paddle, a whisk and a dough hook.

hamilton beach classic mixer stainless steel bowl

Price is the other consideration (besides performance) with this mixer.  The #1 selling stand mixer on Amazon is the KitchenAid Artisan, retailing for about $300.  The next best seller is a Cuisinart, also for around $300.  Both have big motors, lots of speed settings and power hubs.  This Hamilton Beach stand mixer usually retails for less than $40, making it about 70% less expensive.

Once you know how much you will be using your stand mixer, you will be able to determine which unit makes the most sense.  If you won’t be using your mixer a lot and want to keep your budget low, this mixer is a really good choice to make.

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