Basic Kitchen Utensils You Must Have

The Best Kitchen Utensils And Tools

You are all set to start baking and you have found some great recipes in a that  new cookbook.  You went to the supermarket and bought all of the ingredients, you pulled out your stand mixer and the oven is heated and ready to go. However hang on. Are you armed with the appropriate baking tools for your cookie objective? Let us check out the list and examine your equipment.

Make sure you use the right kind of measuring cup.

The Right Kind Of Measuring Cups

The number one mistake made by beginning bakers is using the wrong measuring cups.  Yes, the amount of flour in one cup doesn’t change, it’s always one cup.  The problem comes when you use a liquid measuring cup to measure flour.  This type of cup has a spout on the  rim and you can’t get a true, level cup measurement.  Your kitchen must have two kinds of measuring cups; one for liquids and one for dry ingredients.

A Good Sifter

It is vital that your dry ingredients, particularly flour and baking soda, don’t have any lumps and clumps. You simply cannot rake through your flour with a fork or knife to do smooth out the mix. That would resemble discovering a needle in a haystack. You go get a sifter. The sorting procedure not only would separate the clumps however it aerates your flour thus offering it more volume. For best results, sort just small quantities at a time. This does not just avoid spills but it makes sorting simpler and quicker.

Many, Not One, Good Spatulas

Have plenty of spatulas when you are baking.

This kitchen utensil is essential for a wide variety of uses.  Most experienced bakers will tell you that they have 10-15 spatulas of all size and type.  The type you use will depend on what you are using it for and your own personal preference, just make sure you have a few on hand when you are ready to bake.  Spatulas are usually made of wood, light aluminum, rubber or are silicone coated.

Rolling Pins

In shaping and flattening your dough, using a rolling pin is more practical so you might too ignore the ides of kneading or molding it with your bare hands. Rolling pins are generally comprised of wood, glass, marble, stainless-steel or plastic. It is thick, round and has 2 handles on each end. There are generally two kinds of rolling pins: the rod and the roller.

Cookie Cutters

You’re made with your dough and are now ready to form your cookies. Go artistic and utilize cookie cutters! Cookie cutters which are normally made up of tin, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or plastic are developed to cut cookie dough in particular distinctive shapes. Styles include stars, hearts, moon circles, shapes and squares to call a few. Kids will certainly be attracted to grab among these cookie characters.

Cookie Press

Most bakers know that a cookie press is a fun baking tool used to push styles on cookies. It is usually made up of a cylinder which has a plunger on the other end. Designer plates are connected to journalism to mark the cookies.

Oven Gloves Or Mitts

These mitts are often made out of fabric and are typically insulated. These oven mitts can offer you protection from heat and flame, although they are not invincible from hot liquids which may still permeate through the fabric.  The mitts come in different sizes, make sure you try them on so that the mitt fits your hand.  These are important when you need to take cookie sheets out of the oven.

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