Baking Sheets

baking sheets

One key piece of equipment that every baker and cook will need is a good set of quality baking sheets.  This may seem basic but it is amazing how often you will need to pull out one or two sheets for a recipe.  Baking sheets (also known as cookie sheets) are usually not terribly expensive but you do want to make sure that you have at least two sheets that are heavy duty and durable.

Most baking sheets are made from either aluminum or steel.  Steel baking sheets are usually coated with a non-stick treatment while aluminum (the shiny sheets) are easy to clean but don’t have a non-stick treatment.  Both materials are well suited for  baking sheets.  They can handle high heats for long periods of time, distribute heat evenly and won’t warp.

Different Types Of Baking Sheets

There are some variations and options that you may want to look for when you are purchasing new baking sheets.  Some will have silicone grips on the handles.  Silicone is heat resistant and the grip can give you a better hold on the sheet when you are pulling it out of the oven.  Some baking sheets will come with a silicone mat.  If you haven’t tried a silicone mat, you don’t know what you are missing.  The mat sits right on the sheet, distributes the heat evenly and keeps food from sticking to the pan.  When you are done baking you simply wipe the silicone mat clean with warm, soapy water.  It does the same job that aluminum foil or parchment paper will do but without the waste.  Most professional bakers have adopted silicone mats as basic kitchen tools.

I have used plenty of baking sheets and I have some favorites.  I have listed them below along with some comments and suggestions from my experience.  Remember that you may be using a cooking sheet for cookies one day and oven barbecue ribs the next.  That’s why it pays to have a few baking sheets at your disposal.  Use one set for desserts and another for meats and vegetables.

Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheets

nordic ware baking sheets

This set of baking sheets is the #1 selling baking sheet on Amazon.  Made from heavy duty aluminum, these sheets won’t warp or rust and will last a long time.  They are a traditional cookie sheet in size, 16″ X 11″ with a 1″ lip.  They are easy to clean (don’t put them in the dishwasher) and can handle just about any recipe that you want to try.

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Wildone Baking Sheet with Silicone Mat


Wildone 3 piece baking sheets and silicone mats setI really like this set of baking sheets.  There are three sizes of sheets, 16″, 12″ and 9″, and each sheet has a matching silicone mat.  As mentioned, silicone mats are wonderful additions to a baking sheet and make clean up so much easier.  The sheets themselves are made from stainless steel (no non-stick coating because you have the silicone mats) and have a deep 1″ lip.

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Rachael Ray 3 Piece Baking Sheets With Grips

rachael ray baking sheet set

This set of 3 sheets is another of Amazon’s bestsellers.  Part of the Rachael Ray collection, this set includes 3 sheets, 17″, 13″ and 10″ with a 1″ lip.  Made of heavy gauge steel, the sheets are coated with a non-stick treatment and are very easy to clean up.  Each baking sheet has silicone grips on the handles that are not only decorative but very useful.  They give you a good sturdy grip when you need to rotate the pan in the oven or remove it from the oven.  Very well made and durable.

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These three suggestions are for baking sheets that I use and have had great success with.  There are hundreds of others available and you can find all price points for various types.  The key points to remember when you are purchasing baking sheets is to make sure they are durable and to make sure that distribute heat evenly.

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